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Pixo™ Classic

Anonymous digital currency

(coming soon)

Anonymous digital/virtual currency based on cryptography. A digital asset that is decentralized with permissionless peer-to-peer networking. Based on proof-of-work with open financial history on the PIXO Classic blockchain. 162,000,000 supply.

PIXO Classic is a new project.  The latest development is in an ongoing growth stage. New things are unfolding and PIXO Classic is emerging.

Anonymous digital wallet. Send, recive, and store your PIXO Classic. 

Block Reward: 6.00, Block Time: 600 seconds

Donate BTC : 1CqGAGXszTAmAbyBSyBenb8q5ZVabiFu3N
Donate ETH : 0x29942d09e21fd14e7a68feff4d07fa7000342eda
Donate LTC : M8mQPsVZD7KVR3SFLXHGaAqkiA9pdptvsu
Donate XMR: 862P2SSNHxdJ3xerTxovyqKs9tY8KaPyc3dtBjpuUhohVozALAmCEiNP7Z32unsn4m4B4UC2qUnrqSSwwRPDZVcCNWPrRpL
Donate ZEC: t1W7X1JJsbgXt9gRu3ujbrJd3KVoDJmPrFs

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